Frequently asked questions about this service:

How much does this service cost?

Using ShortScripts.Com to market or find short scripts is 100% free.

Do you post actual scripts?

No. ShortScripts.Com will post your logline and other production details about your script (i.e. number of characters, number of locations. etc.)

Is there a page limit for ShortScripts?

ShortScripts.Com markets scripts up to 30 pages.  Short films are usually very short.

How do I protect my script?

ShortScripts.Com recommends you register your script with the Writers Guild of America.

For how much should I sell script?

That's up to you.  You negotiate directly with the filmmaker regarding your script.

How many script loglines listing can I post?

As many you like.  If you've written 10 short scripts, post them all.

How can I guarantee my idea won't be stolen?

You cannot copyright a story idea.  Register your script with the Writers Guild of America before sending it to anyone.

More questions and answers coming...