Welcome to ShortScripts.Com
(Launching Fall 2017)

You've written a short script.  How do you market it?
You're a filmmaker in need of a short script.  How do you find one?

The solution just got easier -- and it's free!
Introducing ShortScripts.Com, a website created to provide a meeting place for writers and filmmakers.

Writers simply input details about their script and press submit. The listing is immediately available to filmmakers around the world. Filmmakers simply to input script parameters and press search, instantly checking the script database for matches. It's that easy!  And the service is free!

The site will also include:

  • Interviews with professional writers.
  • A discussion Forum
  • A chatroom
  • A Scripts Wanted classified page.
  • Instructional Youtube Channel
  • Contests, prizes and give-aways!

It's that easy!  And it's all free!